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About Us

Kalpar Engineering Pvt. Ltd., is among the largest castor wheel manufacturer in India. Having manufacturing base in Gujarat, India, Kalpar is producing more than 2 million castors per year including standard and custom design castor wheels.

In 1995, Kalpar Castors started with a vision to deliver quality solutions to material handling needs across various industries. Wheels and Castors play a huge role in each one’s daily life – Kalpar is committed to provide long lasting and efficient solutions that make the variety of ‘movements’ across the planet smooth and comfortable for the end user. This is achieved by constant innovation and attention to detail. Each industry’s needs are deeply researched from the design and quality stand point, based upon which the manufacturing process for the castors is set up. The success of Kalpar is due to its engineering innovation and its inherent ability to enhance the standards of performance and quality.

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